We are thrilled to premiere the new video today from Austin Archer called “New Groove.” The lush, sweeping and dramatic tune is off Austin’s new album, Beautiful Things, and will be out next week on 9-25-20.

The video and song start very simply, with strumming guitar and lyrics that are structured almost like a mantra. Austin’s voice soars and the harmonies are breathtaking as the song builds to a crescendo and then breaks apart; then brings forth a new full-spectrum musical journey. With an almost operatic like quality, the song stops asking what it wants and tells you loudly what it’s trying to say, with a wall of sound that’s highlighted by booming bass/percussion, keys, and a sense of something bigger. We are impressed by the fact that L.A. based Austin has the chops to not only write and sing this song, but also plays all of the instruments on the track and Beautiful Things album, which we really look forward to hearing in full next week.

“As a song New Groove lyrically explores the process of a successful meditation session. Trying to find breath and presence amidst a whirlwind of distraction and avoidance. The video is meant to simply bring a visual component to that. A representation of the id, ego, and super-ego at odds and struggling to come together into a place of symbiosis and serenity in order to experience connection and presence. The video and song are split into two portions, the first being the initiation of the meditative process, where the subject tries to find peace and stillness, and the second half being the point of convergence where the subject begins to experience connection and communion with the higher self.” – Austin Archer

Austin Archer


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