It’s spooky season y’all and Fiona Silver is coming out to play. She released a cover of The Clovers’ 1959 classic, “Love Potion No. 9,” and it couldn’t be more fitting for the season. 

If you’re not familiar with the story, this song is about a lovelorn guy who asks a gypsy’s advice and in turn receives a love potion that causes him to fall in love with everything that crosses his path. The Clovers’ version of this song about magic and mystery is upbeat and full of swing style melodies that keep your toes tapping.

Fiona’s version, featuring Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper, embodies the vibe of all your favorite Halloween movies. There is clearly a rock and roll sultriness to this song that, if you’ve ever listened to or seen Fiona perform, you’ll be familiar with. The lyrics just ooze right out of her voice as they strut down the path to the climactic ending of the song. There’s also an added air of ghoulishness that creates an overall haunting vibe. 

When you’re getting dressed up to stay in this Halloween, take a listen to this song to get you in the mood. 



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Article: Merissa Blitz





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