MINKS and Arp Play Mercury Lounge 11/21/13

In the range of bands that cover the New York scene, the classic sound of a clean, tube
driven Fender, heavy bass, and reverberated vocals can be found just about
everywhere. Minks, for its part, was no exception: the formula was mastered. Rather
than just sticking with that, though, Minks added another weapon to their arsenal for
their November 21st show at the Mercury Lounge: accessible honesty. The sound of
Williamsburg is all over their new material on Tides End, but Minks has matured and
grown what used to be a random blend of sounds into a cohesive sub-genre. Minks’ raw
vocals and smaller stage presence drew the crowd inward, with everyone moving to the
beat and many dancing with random people beside the stage. They closed with a
perfect version of “Hold Me Now.” It is not often that you hear a screaming encore call
for a band of Minks’ size, but few national acts can match what Minks grew.

Opening was Arp, an instrumental nod to the cross of electro-ambient and garage rock.
The group, formerly a highlight of New York’s avant-garde scene, dug deep into the
cuts, often extending single songs past the 6 minute mark. Their raw intensity drew
Minks’ early fans into the hall long before the headliner took the stage, only proving their

Article and Photos by Gavin Matthews.

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