BFA plays at Hotel Chantelle hosted by Subscene Style

Fresh off the release of their single “Skytanic,” Brooklyn’s Bachelors of Fine Art, or BFA, performed at the Hotel Chantelle on January 23rd as a part of the ongoing “Transmission Thursdays” hosted by music and nightlife blog Subscene Style. Indie rock with a  new wave flair, BFA has something different to offer, and they’re just getting started.

Performing at the Hotel Chantelle was an intimate experience for BFA, they set up right on the dance floor next to the bar; only a few feet away from the audience.  Aesthetically they favor The Outsiders, a crew of scuffed boots and denim with lead singer Will Cole’s hair covering his face in sheaths as he clutched the mic. An unapologetic use of synth combined with punk inspired percussion and heavy bass are BFA’s hallmark. Cole is a crooner, not the typical inaudible  front man indie bands are often afflicted with. With The Smith’s and LCD Sound System as influences, BFA has a quality that is a fusion of indie punk with  just the right amount of late ’80’s synth.

Located in the Lower East Side, the Hotel Chantelle is the venue of choice for Subscene Style Transmission Thursdays which are weekly shows that bring new artists and audiences together to perform, network, and most importantly –party. With a casual, vintage vibe; the Hotel Chantelle was a chill spot to grab a beer and enjoy a good show  with it’s multiple floors and basement bar.

BFA sets themselves apart from the crowd of fledgling indie bands with their distinct ‘80’s influence that is both unexpected and effortless. Their next show is on February 6th at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn along side The Rotaries, Charly Bliss and See Thru.

Article by Yasmin Martinez

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