Artist Spotlight: Margot MacDonald

Between the live loops she creates and the very obvious fact, that she’s been a classically trained musician since her adolescence, Margot MacDonald is your standard Female Indie Singer/Songwriter. With recognition from NPR for her CMJ performance in 2013, winning Washington Area Music Associations “Artist Of The Year” for the 11th time, and also being 21 and having recorded a total of 4 studio albums will have you wondering why no one has at minimum offered her a publishing deal. Her music makes me want to dress up, go have brunch somewhere quaint and cute outside of the city and then blog about it.

I attended a performance of hers in January at Rockwood Music Hall, and couldn’t help but hear similarities of Florence and the Machine, with vocals similar to early Sarah McLachlan. Margot’s live vocals are way better than the ones on the album and because of that, I highly suggest catching a show to fall in love with her artistry.

I sat down and spoke with Margot after the show, and she just seemed excited about continuing to find her voice, and to make her live performances more inclusive with her fans.

At first glance of the album art, and first listen, you’ll be feeling like you got a hometown tour of Washington D.C (the good sides of course). Margot has an ever-growing following all over the DMV, and a team who seems to really believe in her talents. Check out her latest studio album “Canvas” and find out more about Margot at:

Article by Betty Fireall

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