The Green Gallows play Sweet Afton

There’s not a much better way to warm the body and soul during this intense winter, than to catch a Green Gallows gig.

The Astoria band blazed through a 2 hour set at Sweet Afton while warming up for their tour which starts on 2/12 in Export, PA.

The band consists of transplants from around the country including Texas, Washington, Indiana and Michigan who are now Astoria natives. I asked the band how they would describe their style and if pressed would be labeled as Gypsy/Folk/Americana . If you were to ask me, it’s just good music that makes you want to dance and cause a ruckus!!

This is a talented group who often switch instruments during the set which makes for and exciting night wondering who’s going to play the mandolin or guitar next. I was impressed most by the wonderful harmonies when the whole band would sing together while all stomping their feet to provide a cool and simple back beat, with beats like that who needs a drummer?

As a concert photographer I see a lot of local bands who are just starting out, but it’s not often I find myself dancing around while trying to take shots, which says a bunch.

The Green Gallows, who have only been together for under a year, just released their first EP on 1-28-14, aptly named “Wanted” is available to stream and or purchase here;

Be sure to check out this band on their slow rise to the top before they are selling out venues near you.

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley

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