Sun Hollow Sun Play Rockwood Music Hall

A new Brooklyn based band, Sun Hollow Sun, played their second show ever to a packed Rockwood Music Hall on 2-20-14. I didn’t learn of the fact it was their second gig until after the show and was shocked as they had a veteran presence onstage and off. The Alt-Country-Soul outfit were nearly flawless in their 45 minute performance evoking whispers from the crowd like “Oh my God, that girl can sing” and “How haven’t I heard of them before now”.

The band performed original songs with ease such as “Tomorrow” with Tim McCarthy seated at the piano while Jennie Cini blasted out smoky lyrics with ease and conviction as the audience watched with wide eyed wonder. The highlight of the evening, at least for this guy was the harmonious “It’s Gotta be” with it’s gorgeous interweaving harmonies between Cini + McCarthy and intricate guitars. When these two sing together it’s like peanut butter and jelly, grape jelly to be exact, it’s perfect.

The night ended off with a spirited version of John Hartford’s classic song “Tall Buildings” an ode to all those who drudge away in the city, with drummer Tim Herold stepping out from behind the kit to strap on a guitar for a full band jam.

The crowd wanted more but with a strict time constraints that would be it for the evening.

Be sure to catch Sun Hollow Sun at their next gig at the Bowery Electric March 19th

In the meantime you can hear some more here:

Article and Photos by Shayne Hanley


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