Artist Spotlight: Rene Lopez

Rene Lopez is quite the talented underrated artists that has yet to be discovered and loved by many. I was fortunate enough to hear about Rene Lopez through Sam Fogarino from Interpol and was addicted ever since I heard, “I Flow”; an amazingly catchy tune.

Rene’s sound is definitely a fantastic melting pot of sounds from Latin funk to alternative rock. His newly released EP “Let’s Be Strangers Again” can be best described as uplifting and inspiring. I found myself constantly repeating “Midnight Love”, not only because of the seductive undertones but because of the lovelorn lyrics of an unrequited love.

This is an artist you’ll definitely appreciate because of the diversity he offers in each song. Don’t forget to check out his youtube channel called, “Songs From The Stoop”, where he adorably covers songs from his stoop with other artists as well as his children; very heart warming.

Don’t miss him at Rockwood Music Hall this Thursday, Feb. 27.

Just picture yourself drinking some margaritas on a gorgeous roof deck, listening to “Midnight Love.”

Article by Karen Silva

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