Video Premiere: Clockwise’s New Video, “Dancing World”

Movement drives much of the music video for “Dancing World,” the single and title track off Clockwise’s forthcoming EP, Dancing World.

Dancing draws two lovers together in the video’s primary storyline, while shaping a community that craves the ecstasy and euphoria of action without reason. Indeed, the dancing throughout the video breathes life to Clockwise’s exclamation, “It’s a dancing world/So dance for me/We’ll all be free/In the underworld.”

Throughout “Dancing World,” movement shapes the differences between the liberating underground and the restraining everyday life, with its familial pressures and alienating landscapes. Still, Clockwise’s video is self-aware and witty with a sly wink at empathy.

“Dancing World” adds yet another layer to Clockwise’s diverse catalogue. Originally billed as Andy Clockwise, the Australian-born singer-songwriter is known for his genuine disregard for genres and their limits. Clockwise mixes gospel with electronic rock grooves on “Steam Dream” while KCRW-favorite “Murphy’s Law” brings about a Bowie-esque pop vibe.

“Dancing World” injects psychedelic dance pop into the Clockwise catalogue. The video—which takes itself seriously in a lighthearted manner—adds to that vibe and urges fans to anticipate what’s to come.

The “Dancing World” single set will be available for purchase on iTunes Friday, June 6th. The set includes two remixes of the track and a one-of-a-kind cover of the Real McCoy’s “Another Night” featuring Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint. The Dancing World EP is set to release on July 15.

Article by Pam Segura

Stream “Dancing World” on SoundCloud.

Clockwise on iTunes.


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