Rich White Ladies music video release: Wimbledon

With Wimbledon finals taking place in London this weekend, this vibrant new video from urban pop duo Rich White Ladies could not be more perfect!

Rich White Ladies are Tokyo Diiva & Scotty Rebel of NYC. Co-written and produced by Semi Precious Weapons (Aviation High), Wimbledon has a distinctive alt-pop meets hip-hop sound and is undeniably addictive.

This kick-ass duo’s first release, 1%, received over 500,000 plays off their twitter & instagram links alone – no promo at all. These girls literally pulled off a Beyoncé and ROCKED it.

Between killer verses and the catchiest of choruses, Rich White Ladies are quickly becoming major contenders in the female rapper world. Stay tuned for their full album dropping soon via Motown Records!

Article by Lindsey Gardner

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