As soon as you walk into the Gild Hall, there’s a romantic touch to the dimly lit room with leather bound books and liquor bottles stacked on beautiful wooden shelves. The crowd set the sexy scene by the piano and synth, wonderfully placed across each other on a table.

The room darkens and an adorable, spunky blonde appears on the microphone along with her mysterious partner, Lem. Jena Malone has quite the infectious personality, makes you wonder what’s behind the coy, gracious smile of hers. The Shoe begins and charms their crowd with a soft yet melodic tune, “Dead Rabbit Hopes”, their chemistry is beyond charming and avant garde. They are a pair that shouldn’t be missed. Their approach to music is beautiful, random, and spontaneous where Jena sang a fan letter in a burlesque-y and sultry tone which shows their appreciation to their fans.

The Shoe recently debuted their album “I’m Okay” in June and is very much like their live presence, intriguing and no limitations. Once they begin, you feel the warmth behind every love lorn, intact lyric and they definitely know how to make use of their space; where Jena tap danced. We are more than happy that we caught this delectable pair and you definitely should too. There’s nothing better than spontaneous moments with laughter and smiles with a band that loves to make amazing music and involve their crowd too.

Article by: Karen Silva

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