Imagine an electronic beat molded by a soulful edge. That’s what New Myths, a three-piece band based in New York City, channel on their self-titled EP, which was released online in 2012. The tracks on the EP are infectious, showcasing the New Myths’ abilities to bring together synthesizers and guitars. This weekend, the band will share the stage with Motion Studies, Psychic Twin, and a special guest at Cameo Gallery for Pancakes and Whiskey’s birthday celebration. Via email, I chatted with the guitarist Brit Boras, bassist Marina Rose, and drummer Rosie Slater.

Pam Segura: Can you tell me a bit about the history of New Myths?

New Myths: The way we found each other was sort of a six degrees of separation situation: Marina (bass) and Rosie (drums) were in another band together when they were 16. Separately, Marina and Brit (guitar) went to high school together, and Rosie and Brit studied in a jazz conservatory together in college. When we all figured out we knew each other separately, we decided to try putting a band together.

Pam Segura: The New Myths name is both really fun and evocative. How did the name come about?

New Myths: Brit was reading a book about psychedelic art that had the phrase “new myths” in it and the phrase just popped stood out.

Pam Segura: Can you describe New Myths in five words (or less).

New Myths: Making $hit happen 😛

Pam Segura: What was the writing and recording process for the New Myths EP like?

New Myths: Brit writes the skeletal structures of the songs and brings them to the band and then we all work on them together. We tracked our instruments—bass, guitar, drums—first and then built upon that base with synths, some auxiliary instruments (percussion, strings, etc.), and vocals.

Pam Segura: There’s something alluring and eerie about the music video for “False Gold.” Can you tell me a bit about the concept?

New Myths: We wanted the video to have a creepy/dark yet ethereal and beautiful vibe about it. We shot the video in an abandoned mental institution in upstate NY. We were definitely a bit scared even just shooting the video, so we really wanted that emotion to translate.

Pam Segura: I’m really fascinated by the vibes of the sounds on New Myths. It’s multi-layered and really rich, complex. How did you girls arrive at this sound? What art–musical and otherwise–inspired you girls?

New Myths: Thank you, the sound and tension we’ve arrived at comes from the fact that we all come from different backgrounds musically but we all really gravitate towards textural groove-based sounds. We listen to totally different types of music ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Joni Mitchell to Prince.

Pam Segura: How do you translate your studio recordings to live shows?

New Myths: We use every limb we’ve got combined with our instruments, pedals, and triggers.

Pam Segura: And, of course, what’s up next for New Myths? Any new videos, shows, etc. that we should know about?

 New Myths: We’re getting ready for the release of our debut LP this fall as well as our August Residency at Pianos in NYC (Thursdays).  We are also playing this Tuesday night (7/22) on WFMU radio (91.1) live at 10:30pm, and of course, the Pancakes & Whiskey Blog birthday show at Cameo Gallery!

Article by: Pam Segura

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