Two-piece rock bands are a very special breed. What they lack in number, they usually make up for with great songwriting ability and unlimited energy and showmanship. The Brooklyn-based twosome XNY have done just that since their formation in 2010, and have put their small but potent musical chemistry into recorded form with their debut album, 2013’s Orange.

I first saw this indie/folk-rock band last summer at Spike Hill and was immediately taken back by the roaring vocals and incurable output of energy by guitarist/vocalist Pam Autuori. Pam and drummer Jacob have been able to take their highly energetic show and put it onto tape, which isn’t always easy to do. The ten-track album displays a great contrast of complex drumming, distorted acoustic guitar, and crystal clear rock vocals similar to a grungier Hayley Williams. Dynamics of songs throughout the album smoothly, yet suddenly transition at a moments notice. The base of the bands songwriting clearly comes from Autuori’s ability to throw a beautiful vocal melody over her acoustic guitar riffs, as seen in songs like ‘Face Up’, ‘Rabbit’, ‘No, I Know’, and ‘Who Are You’.

It’s tough to put this bands music in a certain category given their very original sound. Being the boy/girl twosome and their dark and edgy guitar-based instrumental style, you’d think they’d get a lot of comparison to the White Stripes, yet this album brings out a more innocent theme to it. Like a dormant volcano dying to let loose its inner hell, this album carries with it the anticipation that suddenly erupts again and again throughout each track.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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