To make it in the punk scene as a DIY band, you have to meet the following requirements: must play music, must like basements. This according to Tundrastomper, an experimental punk foursome bred in northern New York.

From practicing in each other’s basements to playing shows in the basements of strangers, Tundrastomper has just wrapped up a two-week-long tour during which they played eight shows in eight cities. In addition to selling homemade tee shirts and spreading the word about their self-described “victory music,” the band has been selling their first record, aptly entitled Victory.

Before the band was officially Tundrastomper, it operated under a different moniker producing a different sound. After a push from certain members towards a newer, distinctive sound, the band decided that it also needed a new name. Bassist Andrew Jones came across the word “tundrastomper” while on a hiking trip in the Adirondacks, and when he came home, the band agreed upon the name.

Victory music straddles the lines of punk, indie, and jazz. It draws from each of these three to “emulate the feeling of being on top of a mountain,” says drummer Max Goldstein. From the Brandon Boyd-esque voice of lead singer Skyler Lloyd to Jones’ jazz roots to the punk rock tendencies of both Goldstein and guitarist Sam Brivic, Tundrastomper is breaking new ground with its imaginative, radical sound.

Give Victory a listen here via Bandcamp.

Article by: Alexa Tietjen

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