While talking to Ben Chace, lead singer/songwriter of Bird Dog and director of this beautiful reel, I learned that the video for “Holiday Season” was made with pretty much no budget and by employing good friends to act out the scenes. Despite having a light budget and limited recourses the band has created a visually stunning piece to go along with the sweet tune. The song itself is a short but very catchy number that was recorded and mixed by Rick Kwan who also mixed Jim James (My Morning Jacket) solo record.

I asked Ben about how the viewer should interpret the video and he eloquently explained that “The song is playing with the light and dark sides of the symbolism of these modern ceremonies like a well prepared holiday meal or an escape into nature with your lover or spouse. It’s about how we project ideas into these images and invest ourselves in the results, the release found in the execution of these rituals. And the meaning changes even if the shape of the thing – a fancy dinner, a dance, a walk in the park – remains the same…. Or something like that. People should interpret it however they’d like”

The Brooklyn band who is presently finishing the mix on their first full length EP, plans to shop the album around to record labels soon and will be playing NYC venues this fall including a headlining date at Mercury Lounge’s early show on 9-17, before hopefully engaging in a larger tour this winter.

Article by: Shayne Hanley

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