Rumsey Playfield was dancing and bumpin like I hadn’t seen it done all year. Electro-funk duo, Chromeo, grooved their way into the SummerStage venue for a Friday night dance party. I’ve been attending SummerStage shows all summer long, and as its run of shows is coming to a close, I could not have picked a better show to be the last of the season. While I love my meat and potatoes guitar rock, I still love great dance music that comes in the form of binary code. You guys should’ve seen me on the dance floor at my friend Kev’s wedding last weekend- I was killing it. But I digress. It was pretty cool looking out into the audience and seeing a pretty epic 5,000-person dance party under the nighttime sky of New York City.

First thing I learned seeing these guys live is that Dave 1 aka David Macklovich can hold his own as an entertaining guitarist in his own right. Sporting a cool black leather jacket, black jeans, black boots, the singer’s really cool demeanor gives that rockstar edge about him. It contrasts perfectly with the quieter, P-Thugg who works his talk-box, DJ and keyboard mastery. The two grooved through ‘Bonafied Lovin’, ‘Night By Night’, ‘Old 45’s’ just to name some of my favorite songs from the Chromeo catalog.

It’s always so cool to be under the night sky on a really nice night in Central Park. Chromeo’s light show lit up the park like the 4th of July and the party atmosphere felt like a midtown club on New Years Eve. The two are so good at turning old school hip hop and disco into great modern electronic funk songs. The band has always seemed to be right on the forefront of music’s electronic evolution and I was really lucky to be able to close my SummerStage season out listening to them and watching them make Central Park dance like it was the end of the world.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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