Duo Ex Cops  has released the video for Black Soap, a single off their anticipated album, Daggers. The video was shot in lower Manhattan and the very hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It brings you on a sped up night ride through the city, complete with bright, neon flashes of light and pops of color. The frequent clips of graffiti covered walls balanced with the washes of color represent Ex Cops well. They are a little bit risky and a little bit pop.

Ex Cops consists of duo Amalie Bruun and Brian Harding. Bruun hails from Denmark, where she was born, and Harding was raised in North Carolina. Ex Cops eclectic musical style is a crazy concoction of indie-pop-rock that can be easily heard in Black Soap. The catchy drumbeat and layered sounds are evocative of the days of alternative rock-pop crossovers from the nineties.

Black Soap starts out soft and calm until the chorus kicks in, like a bubble of smooth pop bursting over the track. The slower, slightly melancholy verses are the perfect buildups to the upbeat chorus with Bruun’s velvety vocals. The video for Black Soap feels all too familiar, like a bleary cab ride home after you’ve been out too late.

The new album Daggers will be released on October 28th through Downtown Records. Check out the tracklisting below and keep an eye out for the new album.


01. Black Soap

02. White Noise

03. Teenagers

04. Daggers

05. Pretty Shitty

06. Burnt Out Love

07. Modern World

08. Wanna Be (feat. L.P.)

09. Tragically Alright (feat. Ariel Pink)

10. Rooms

11. Weird With You

Article by: Ashley Rodriguez

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