There’s something undeniably yummy about the cross-genre of folk pop and dance. Madi Diaz, an L.A. based Nashville transplant has accomplished just that – “Phantom”, her new dance album, intertwines a healthy mix of mellow, forgiving vocals and texturized sounds to create a new sound for Diaz, while still staying true to her folk roots.

Pairing with Nettwerk Music Group, the first major deal for Diaz, she continues to refine her look, sound, and feel by going a little retro. Her video for a single off the album, “The Other Side,”using colors and shapes in lighting to create a vintage, art-deco ambience for the viewer. Another stand-out track, “Dancing in the Dark,”may be compared to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own,”but Diaz exudes a more emotive truth in her voice than Robyn, undeniably expressing the battle of the break-up song with her soft, folky vocals backed by a solid synth-beat arrangement.

“Mess,” is the perfect “fuck you”song. With a Queen influenced track, the stomp clap beat pushes the anthemic theme she keeps through the album. It’s a perfect sing along, pre-bar car cruise song (say that three times).

Diaz is a fan of Ableton, constantly refining her sound on her computer as well as out on the stage. She’s able to stay current while still standing out as an important aspect of indie female pop. Diaz is dynamic – she’s able to play live acoustic and still be as capitative as with a full band.

Her new sounds withstand the acoustic structure – she recently posted a performance of “Pictures”in an echo-y tunnel and just a nylon stringed guitar on her YouTube account. Diaz exudes a comfortable nature with her talkative vocals. She wears her heart on her sleeve as she sings, which creates a nice contrast with her in-your-face synth beat arrangements.

A veteran of folk pop, Madi Diaz’s new dance break-up album. “Phantom”is a healthy departure and growth from her previous work.

Party Track: “Stay Together”

Mellow ballad: “Wide”

Article by: Hillary Barleaux

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