The best part of Fall is that Summer can still be kept alive through music. Those laid back, warm vibes can warm up your apartment that the landlord still hasn’t turned the heat on yet in under five minutes. Lucky for you, the warmest vibes on the indie scene right now are coming from DRGN King, the indie/psych project from Philadelphia.

With the release of their sophomore full length “Baltimore Crush” just around the corner on 10/28, we can start warming up early with the premiere of “Undertow” today. This bass heavy, upbeat track is the perfect example of the irresistibly catchy songwriting that DRGN King is known for, while also being accessible enough to drawn in new fans, which it certainly will. “Undertow” is the 3:55 indie equivalent of a cold whiskey and Coke on the beach on an early summer day. Which means it is the perfect track to kick off fall with. Check out “Undertow” now to get geared up for “Baltimore Crush” out on Bar None Records next week.

Article by: Erin Browne

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