As an artist, it is impossible to not draw inspiration from those that came before, as well as your peers. Influence is everywhere, but it is how you draw from that influence and use it to fuel your own creation that separates this band from that band.

The three young men that make up The Fleeting Ends have been making music, together and apart, for years now. As musicians, they each have their go-to bands and songs that they draw inspiration from. The artists that influence them and keep their spark ignited. Somehow these different influences come together to create one cohesive sound. All of these separate parts come together to create a whole: The Fleeting Ends.

I was curious to see what influencers The Fleeting Ends turn too, especially with new music on the horizon, so I asked them each to pick five songs that inspire them as musicians. They weren’t allowed to talk to one another about their picks, and they had no idea what the others had chosen. The result? A playlist of 15 songs that perfectly encapsulate The Fleeting Ends sound. Parts becoming a whole.

Matt Vantine (Lead Vocals, Guitar) “I hate to leave the smiths out of this, because they were instrumental in changing my mind, but I think I’ve mentioned them enough at this point.”

“Inside Out” – Spoon

“Ship of Fools”- The Doors

“End of a Century” – Blur

“Satellite of Love” – Lou Reed

“The Walk” – The Cure

Matt Amadio (Backing Vocals, Drums) “This is honest music. Honest art. What we strive for.”

“What You Isn’t” – Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Pale Shelter” – Tears For Fears

“Razz”- Kings of Leon

“Bigmouth Strikes Again” – The Smiths

“Senior Service” – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Rusty Langley (Bass) “They all influence me to continue playing music and I think they give a pretty glimpse into what TFE is all about.”

“Sugarcube”- Yo La Tengo

“Metal Mickey” – Suede

“Hold My Life” – The Replacements

“Ball of Fire” – Tommy James and The Shondelles

“Twisterella”- Ride

Article by: Erin Browne

Cover Photo: Emily Morgan

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