Twas a sober night out on the open seas for the Village Voice Holiday Spirits cruise the week before Thanksgiving. By sober I mean drunk as shit. The abundance of delicious cocktails were enough to keep a packed ship warm on what was a pretty cold night, and just tasty enough to get everyone ready for the holiday season. There were hot ciders, infused chocolate fondue, and flavored mezcal and tequilas mixed with all types of fruity flavors and cinnamon spices to make you forget all of life’s troubles and worries while on board. Yes it was just another Thursday in NYC, but out on the open waters, it was quite the spirits soiree.

There wasn’t much of a game plan going into the event, aside from the “Pace Yourself” advice given to us by Village Voice’s own Christina Pettit going into the event. Although timing between tastings and the occasional trips to the full bars in the VIP areas seemed to balance things out in between tastings, there were just too many amazing samples to try not to take things lightly. Besides, you don’t attend a booze cruise with a teetotaler’s attitude. Bottoms up and anchors away I say!

Although there were A LOT of great spirits and even some wine to chose from, my favorite customized cocktails of the evening came from Greenhook Gin, Owney’s Rum, Atsby’s Vermouth, Dulce Vida Tequila, Tanteo Tequila, Blat Vodka, and of course White Pike whiskey. Brooklyn Winery was even in attendance for those who wanted a tasty break from slinging liquor around like mountain moonshiners. Speaking of moonshine, our good friends from Van Brunt Stillhouse were in attendance as well; you may remember them from our little tasting trip we took to Van Brunt with Kiyoshi from Rocket & The Ghost.

By the end of the night I couldn’t really tell if my balance was off the rocking of the ship or my poor motor skills after trying around twenty mixed drinks. All in all Village Voice sure knows how to throw a great even for us locals. My liver may not be, but I sure will be looking forward to the event next year! Until then, cheers!

Article by: Tom Shackleford

Cover photo: Natalie Zaro

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