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Wanna listen to about 11 minutes of in-your face grungy rock?  Ok, you got it.  Stream Young Runner’s debut EP right here as it fully delivers.

Distorted vocals and wicked down-tuned guitars will blast out your eardrums as the heavy-hitting drums are just begging you to bang that old noggin’ of yours.  The band itself, hailing from the still semi-cool hood of Bushwick, Brooklyn have penned 4 tracks of good old fashioned rock’n’roll with surprisingly solid lyrics—“I am the end result of a thousand big mistakes.”—I hear ya, buddy.

Lead singer Robert Fleming speaks of love lost, a yearning for something more and confusing emotions playfully hidden within the guise of bad boy rock.  Definitely a co-ed type of band as guys will like the thrashing punk guitar jams and gals will enjoy the lyrical sentiments.

I would award this band’s debut an “A” but the truth is, it’s cool enough to forgo a stamp of approval altogether.

Be sure to catch Young Runner at the Cake Shop on 12-19!

Article by: Hannah Soule

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