Whiskey lovers rejoice: you can now smell like your favorite libation without having to get that rowdy bro at the bar to bump into you. Heriot Watt University’s school of Textiles and Design in Scotland have developed a smart fabric that smells like whiskey. Johnnie Walker Black Label to be exact so don’t worry, your fancy tweed jacket won’t smell like a shot of Fireball.

We don’t truly understand why someone would develop clothing with scents attached to it, but since this Harris Tweed line smells like our drink of choice, we aren’t going to question it. After all, we smell like whiskey every weekend anyway (whoops) so why not look classy while doing it? They are being marketed in Europe first, but this is the perfect souvenir to ask for from your jetsetting friends.

In a BBC article Jim McVee, the business development manager at the School of Textiles and Design, said: “Smart textiles are a fast-developing sector that offers enormous potential.”

So what other things will they come up with? We would like some scarves that smell like freshly made pancakes. You know, if they are taking requests.

See more about this outrageous endeavor in the original post out of Scotland – here.

Article by: Erin Browne

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