On Kaitlyn Rosati’s latest video “The Other Woman” she sings from the perspective of the woman who who’s the “other woman” of a cheating partner. In the video it follows Kaitlyn, as a waitress donning a “trust no bitch” necklace, who seduces one of her repeat male customer, and in a moment of male and female fantasy, the video climaxes with a scandalous bathroom fuck while his bimbo girlfriend sits at the table playing on her phone. It’s a cheeky take on a fantasy usually designed for the male and sung about by the male. However, having a female sing about it is subversive in the fantasy, and interesting conceptually.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kaitlyn and I learned a few things about the process in which the song was conceived. The song was inspired by a coworker who wasn’t a very good waitress but managed to fuck her way up to a managerial position. For Kaitlyn the theme of female empowerment that she calls “pussy power” runs through her songs, and, while it makes feminists and politically correct environments shift in their seats in uncomfortable awkwardness, Kaitlyn thrives on it.

“I take great pride in making people feel uncomfortable,” she said. She says that she likes to mix sexy fantasy with dark undercurrent, and that it comes through naturally in her music. She also added that she wrote “The Other Woman” while she was walking her dog Bowie.

Her influences include Gwen Stefani and Freddie Mercury, who she finds to be inspirational in their abilities to be glamourous and gritty at the same. She wants to keep a pop spirit and sensibility while using rock instrumentation and a punk rock “fuck you” attitude. She points to other female pop stars like Lady Gaga, Robyn, Kate Nash, and Alanis Morissette as inspirational artists with similar attitudes and ideas.

She says she loves doing live performances, baking, and has a fascination with Japanese culture. She grew up in a little town outside Syracuse, went to theatre school in L.A. before moving to New York four years ago.

Currently she’s working on her first solo E.P. called Bad Idea with producer Tom Gardner, which will be the culmination of the seven years since she started playing shows in L.A. open mic nights. Bad Idea will have 6 songs, the first two songs “The Other Woman” and “One Night Stand” and she assures me those are the only two songs about sex. However, those were the first two songs because, well, “sex sells.” Can’t argue with her there!

Article by: Steven Klett


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