KNTRLR is a very interesting band to say the least. The name is the first indication that this is going to be a new musical experience. I never heard of the band (which is not a surprise, some would think I live in a time capsule from 1892) and I was not sure how to pronounce the name at the door when getting my ticket ( but don’t blame it on the al-al-alcohol cause I hadn’t bought my PBR yet) but when I finally entered the show I was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered. The band had shown ingenuity in the creation of their name and they had ironic art splattered all around the venue of old couples saying things like “You need KNTRLR in your life” – I thought it was cool and clever that they included art in their performance. The show was at The Gutter in Williamsburg, which for those who have not been, is a cool low key spot if you ever want to go bowling and get drunk and see a show all in one location.

I went in and introduced myself and the band was very friendly which is always a plus in my book and performed in an “open-arm” synergetic sort of way as well. I was not in such a good mood that day as I recall and the band was able to pull me out of the darkness I had been heading, as good music will do, and I fell into a trance; held lightly and intrinsically. The lyrics they expelled had been beautiful, the mixture of techno bits, the solemn waves of the guitar riffs and wilting harmonies created a swell of joy within me.

The track “Stabs” featured on KNTRLR’s bandcamp is a sort of Donnie Darko esq post-punk ballad, soft and intimate but also a little jagged and alludes to a bit of loneliness; a night spent in an old lover’s arms on a rooftop somewhere industrial, drinking whiskey and murmuring shallow breaths of times past. If that reminds you of something, you should listen to the acoustic version. The track “CCA” is a little more Ramones but easier to listen to. The music video is a fun energetic ride which is fun to watch and a bit of a trip as well. “Kursk” is another beauty, the video is shot in a cinematic fashion, with underwater shots, a lone cabin in the woods, a beautiful blonde lying in cream satin, and an abandoned rustic pool where one of the band members plays dutifully on the drums.

The notion of love being a transit thing which no mortal can hold is apparent in most of KNTRLR’s music, which is ironic, since the band’s name is controller or maybe more aptly put control her? That is something to ponder. At any rate one should definitely listen to this band, they are sleek and mesmerizing. Easy listen but also deep and meaningful and their videos are very cool to watch. The band is just as good live as they are on their recorded projects and the gents are cool people to meet as well, so do not hesitate to say hello.

Article by: Marissa Mireles

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