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Have you ever had that dream where you find yourself falling in slow motion off of a huge cliff or the top of a skyscraper? Your body plummets towards the ground at a snail’s pace, limbs flailing in a feeble attempt to take flight. The earth is rushing towards you achingly slow but with certain smashing death in its sights. And you are lost in the ether of falling, inching towards the end but in a deliciously terrifying way. Yeah, that’s kinda what listening to herMajesty’s new single, “Days Turn to Nights” feels like.

The band takes their audience on a journey that would have hit big with the Twin Peak’s set back in the day with a lead vocal just oozing a drawling plea for his love to come back to him while the sliding guitars slither in and out of the melody line. The steady drum tsk-tsk is the scratch you can’t itch as the song ebbs and flows through your imagination. Although the latest release from the NY-based dreampop art group won’t be a welcome addition to anyone’s workout mix–unless your workout consists of lying on the floor and staring at that stain on the ceiling for hours, it certainly has its place with those of us who know what it means to be truly forlorn.

Article by: Hannah Soule

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