Dark Heart directed by Peter Dmitriyev and released by Brooklyn based singer songwriter Nina Yasmineh is a very intimate and confessional video; it is an honest portrayal of a heart that once had beaten fervently and now has turned into cobblestone to be stepped upon. The aggravation, despair, and tense desire within Nina is being expressed in a most touching display of emotion, her visage disconcerting,the romantic symbols of her satin robe and nude legs mirrored with the tugging of her hair and the burning of her blue eyes creates a chaotic emotional unveiling. Often putting her hands to her face in an act of solemn dissatisfaction at how things went, she continues to say with many words, “I have a dark heart. I may love no more.” The juxtaposition of the nude mannequin behind her and her covering herself in a sort of voluntary shame dictates how vulnerable she feels.

A further look shows a cinematic pairing of both female and male mannequins, showing a distinct distance between them, creating a visual metaphor for the meaning of the song. The video is very bohemian and the song catchy definitely similar to Lorde or Banks in the fashion of a strong female telling the truth no matter how exceptionally revealing it may be; when alluding to love. The images of snow falling gives an interesting chilling effect, mirroring the lyrics of her blood going cold- eyes red- tossing and turning and feeling her man with someone else. It is a ballad for all the single women living in a big city; especially NYC, the dark polis of one night stands- a place where you never know where you stand with your lover. Endless “Do they love me?’ and “I’m just convenient for them- will this turn into something? Did I break up with my ex back home for no reason? “ The cold bed, when alone, turns colder still with memories and unwanted thoughts- Nina Yasmineh eloquently puts into melodic exchange.

Raised in Minneapolis, MN, Nina moved to NYC to attend New York University and upon graduating in June 2013, Yasmineh wrote, recorded and produced her Seven Years EP, followed by her Finest Hour EP in early 2014, both of which garnered high praise from a wide range of music publications including The Deli NYC, HillyDilly and Kings of A&R. She has performed many times at well-known NYC venues like Pianos, The Living Room and Rockwood Music Hall. If you want to hear more check out her ITunes.

Article by: Marissa Mireles


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