J and the 9s are known for their raucous and colorful live sets that are in your face. Having seen them perform numerous times now, I consider them one of NYC’s best live bands, so I was happily surprised that a video could project the energy they give in a live setting.

What makes a good love song? Is it the mostly sappy lyrics and usually slow tempo that gets you feeling emo about your ex? Whatever your expectations are, “Revolution” is a love song set amongst driving guitars and a vicious backbeat that touches upon miscommunication between lovers. We all have been in spot where there’s either no communication or too fucking much shouting and strife – either of which can break a couple up.

“Revolution” was filmed and directed by Mike Hadley, who had full creative control over the project. Using live concert footage shot at Warped Fest and tape that was filmed on a scorching hot day in a NYC studio- he creates a speedy visual montage that is fitting for the song. J, who I also affectionately call a “Demented Punk-Rock Pixie,” is a great lead-singer but also brings a visual flair to the party and can be seen with her many costume changes that work perfectly with the graphics.

J and the 9s are a hard working group and that’s good news for the rest of us as they play a bunch of gigs in the area, be sure to catch their next show at Mercury Lounge on 2-20!

Article by: Shayne Hanley

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