We all know how New York City is the mecca of incredible music but if you look at other places for inspiration you may find gold.

A perfect example would be, Soda Fabric, who are based in Berlin, and have successfully opened for awesome bands like Drenge, Smith Westerns and Daniel Johnston. Their new single, Bitter Moon, is like a good drink; smooth with subtle, rich tones of shoe gaze and post punk sounds. Their new album, Atlantis, is beautifully nostalgic with songs that would make you hit repeat on several, if not all of them. This album is most certainly something to look forward to for Spring 2015 and could possibly be the theme album for your sweetest Spring yet.


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We caught up with Soda Fabric to discuss Berlin, their band chemistry, and how picking a favorite song to play is like picking a favorite child!


I think it’s amazing that you guys are based in Berlin, so many fantastic bands have developed their sound from being based in Berlin. Is the music scene there much more different than any other places you have performed at?

Soda Fabric: We used to live in a city where the sun always shined and the beach was right around the corner, while here in Berlin most of the year the landscape is different. The sky is full of gray and the sounds are much more industrial and metallic. This led us to spend most of our leisure time in the studio.

Berlin music scene is mostly full of Electronic music (which as partygoers we really like) but it’s not the same old punk city where Bowie and Iggy used to live in. Nevertheless, Berlin is a central city that brings the best acts from all over the world, so we have the privilege to see our favorite artist in a real time.


It’s always interesting to hear how band mates meet because you have to have that friendship chemistry in order for a band to succeed. So that said, how did you all meet?

Soda Fabric: Jill, Moosh and Tamir grew up in Tel Aviv, hanging and partying at the bars, while Shachak was busy driving his tractor and plowing his family’s fields in his village. One day, Shachak drove to Tel Aviv with his Tractor, saw the guys hitchhiking and took them directly to the rehearsal room.


How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together? Your sound is an awesome melting pot of genres.

Soda Fabric: Our first songs were much more dirty Garage-Punk. As the years passed, we’ve started to evolve our Psychedelic, Shoe gaze dream sound.


This one can be a tough one but what’s that one song that you have the most fun playing together? Seems unfair, it’s kinda like picking your favorite kid really.

Soda Fabric: It IS like picking your favorite kid! And we don’t believe in discrimination, but for the sake of this question- “Atlantis,” our last track in the album is the one who makes us feel like a hazy trip in space, yeah.


Most surreal experience you’ve gone through at a show or as a band in general?

Soda Fabric: We’ve played a show in a tiny village called Steinhude, somewhere next to Hanover. This village is famous for its beautiful lake and vacation spots.

After our sound check we went to see the lake and relaxed before the show. As we came back to the “venue” (more like the only coffee bar they have there) we saw that all the elderly people who live there came to see us! Eventually, it turned out to be one of our wildest shows ever.


And finally, do you guys have a favorite whiskey drink?

Soda Fabric: Umm, that’s a tough one, but we like Springbank Whiskey. It was distilled in 1900 and is our favorite.



Article by: Karen Silva

Cover photo: Kami Bugnet





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