While there may be a demand for it, there’s simply no real need for sensationalism on the subject of love. In truth, romance, especially the bad kind, can seem much more compelling than it actually is, and Angela Sheik’s lyric video for “Here Comes Trouble” conveys exactly that.

The track itself is supported by gentle yet dramatic vocals and a progressively ominous beat that works in tandem with the videos simple imagery- drawing you in as much as it’s pushing you away and just as things seem to be moving forward, they suddenly unravel in reverse, only to end up right back where they started. Sound familiar? Probably so, and rather than present a concept that indulges in or worse, encourages toxic love, Sheik rejects its deceptive allure by simply, creatively and quite literally, spelling it out for you.

Download Angela Sheik’s cautionary tale on Itunes along with her fearless new album, Home Before Dark.

Article by: Lea Weatherby



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