“A ‘spirit plate’ is an offering. In many Native American traditions, it is common to leave a plate of food outside the entrance of one’s home while eating a meal. This plate is for the spirit creatures of the earth and beyond to come by and partake as they please. It is a welcoming and an opening of the heart. It is an acknowledgment that there is more to this world and this existence than meets the eye. We must embrace the supernatural just as we embrace the mysteries of music, rhythm and dance. Everything is interrelated. This is the underlying message of Spirit Plate, the band.” – From Spirit Plate’s Bio.

So, in the spirit of the Native American tradition, we offer you Spirit Plate’s new video for “Broken Prose.”

The song begins with a loud proclamation that “dreams come true, but not for you,” echoing the overall theme of the video. Then the music starts in full, with tribal like drums and a rocking flute that sways perfectly with the guitar’s loosely-strummed chords. While a single man dances around spastically, there are images of dolphins, trippy flowers and other assorted pictures splashed across the screen. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what the vision is for this video, what does it all mean? I don’t think it matters in the end however, as it works perfectly together and gives me a sense of happiness and a strong urge to dance like a lunatic.

To create music you can dance to is the goal of the Brooklyn Band, and “Broken Prose” does exactly that and we cannot wait to hear more soon off their upcoming album. You can catch Spirit Plate live at Rough Trade on 4-16, and if you see an older dude with a camera dancing badly, that’s me.

Article by: Shayne Hanley


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