The Ugly Club, the handsome New Jersey four piece, has made what I like to call an “ingenious video.” I know that is quite high praise for a band’s first video yet I do think The Ugly Club is on to something and after you watch their newest piece of artistic expression, I bet you will too. The opening shot of freckled lips ajar moving in rhythm to the video game instrumentals spoke to me. The second shot of nervous wide green eyes moving side to side to the same beat, to me, is like the silent memories of a past lover that play in one’s head. My eyes became entranced when I saw the opening scene of The Lonely. Not only is it the fact that I thoroughly enjoy watching 80’s inspired visual material, but I was very enthusiastic at the fact the band was brave enough to have their video’s emphasis and focus be on some of the most intimate parts of themselves without any pan or cut to a band singing on a rooftop or in a warehouse or in some seedy bar.

Not saying it is a bad thing to do any of those things, but videos of this kind give the viewer a sense that this band is different, unique and perhaps shares a kindred spirit to those of us who are a bit weird and uncouth- those of us who prefer the video of a song to be entertaining and inspiring as well as have smart and abstract subject matter within it that pertains to the lyrics of the song. The Lonely’s close up’s and quirky movements characterize an awkward relationship, even in the video it seems like the scenes are speaking to each other in some naked stuttering dialect.

The artistic combinations showcased within seem to strip down the meaning of what they are singing about. The unveiling of men and women’s body parts, the parts you don’t think about, the parts that are not erotic in themselves, but when strung together with a little lipstick, hair, nail polish and a sultry voice can make a desensitized viewer blush deeper than an image of any celebrity’s naked body. The vulnerability of the skin, the tenderness of it, the intimacy combined with the slightly washed out look, gritty peculiarities of the body make it more like a home video you are shy to share because of it contains parts of yourself no one else sees. Kudos to the band for pulling it off. If you are interested in learning more and seeing some cool live videos, check out the band’s Facebook.

You can also stream “The Lonely,” here on Soundcloud.

Article by: Marissa Mireles


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