There’s been a lot of attention lately on the effects porn has on society. More and more people are speaking out on the condom debate, the pressured environment for some performers and what it means to be even a casual consumer. The impact of these popular sex clips on the industry at large, relationships and sex is something that summons intense discussions. A bold subject to feature in a music video, to say the least.

Of Clocks and Clouds newest “What You Need” opens on an intimate scene of a woman preparing to film in a hotel room. There are the staples: Cigs, liquor, haze, coke. There are the almost comical tropes of the gross male star and the unsavory director. And as lead singer Joe Salgo croons over delicate synth and a tight, subdued refrain, there is the clear indication that this is not sexy, fulfilling or enjoyable. It’s unsettling to view and a subtly powerful pairing.


 “We live in a time of accessibility. We have the means of pleasure at our fingertips. We can access everything and anything at this point of our lives. This video was made to show the other side. It was created to show the side of things that we ignore. Not all of us have what we need. Some of us have to submit ourselves to unfavorable situations to achieve what we want. To fight for what you love, whether it is money, family, friends, or happiness, we make sacrifices. This video describes that.” – Ross Procaccio.


Article: Stephanie Moise



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