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Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds have consistently produced impressive albums over the years with their soulful sound paired with the driving vocals of the lead singer, Arleigh Kincheloe and the electrifying harmonica skills of her brother, Jackson. “The Weather Below” is their most sophisticated album yet composed of rhythmic horns, a strong soul and funk influence and Arleigh’s powerful voice which compels you to listen to each and every track.

The album opens with “Borderline,” a sweet and sexy love song that highlights Arleigh’s surprisingly developed voice accented by the syncopated keyboard, guitar and horns of the Dirty Birds. About halfway through the song, Jackson seamlessly leads the band with a outstanding harmonica solo, which at times, mimics the sound of a blues guitar. The track ends on a groovy rhythm and Arleigh’s voice booming until the very end.

“The Weather Below” is jam-packed with rambunctious, irresistible and energetic tunes such as “Sugar” and “Prison Cells” as well as slow and soulful tracks such as “Disappear” and “Cold Blooded.” The content of every song focuses on relationships from falling in love, to playing in a band, to songs about family. Specifically, “Mama Knows,” Sister Sparrow’s first single off of this album, is a homage to mothers everywhere about the life lessons they teach.

My favorite song on the album is “Catch Me If You Can,” the incredibly strong conclusion to “The Weather Below.” The song has a western feel to it with the instruments producing determined sounds that support the theme of the song. Just when you think the song is coming to an end with a fading tambourine, a twangy guitar riff chimes in followed by the rest of the band. Everytime I listen to the conclusion of this song and I have goosebumps tingling throughout my body along with the most irresistible urge to dance.

“The Weather Below” was released on May 18th of this year and is Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds’ third studio album. It is hands down my favorite album of the year thus far and it cannot be missed. Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds are currently on tour and will be performing at the Great South Bay Music Fest in Long Island on July 18th. Be there!


Article: Jenna Petrone

Cover photo: Josh Timmermans




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