Enter a deserted country road on a windy and overcast day. The camera pans out revealing two figures facing away from us, bouncing their hips to the simple, but catchy beat. A statement is made; “Never gonna get it all, never gonna get it all, til I find… my own….but now my tastes have changed.”

In XNY‘s newest video for “Should I,” we get a fun piece that asks many questions and also makes many statements. The schizophrenic nature of the song is highlighted by a single fantastic dancer who comes directly at you the whole time, emphasizing the pointed lyrics and many time changes that occur within the tune.

This is a summer tune for sure and we can’t wait to listen to their new EP, which is out this Friday (7-10). XNY is also playing a special show that night to celebrate at Mercury Lounge and it’s a no brainer that we’ll be there, so come dance with us and check out the new tunes live.



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