To come across some genuinely feel-good music is always a win at this time of year. It’s getting very hot out there and many of us are in dire need of a summer adventure, whether that be a road trip in the countryside or a weekend at the beach. Either which way, The Como Brothers Band is more than happy to accompany you on your journey. Matt and Andrew Como deliver a great blend between a bluesy, rock sound with a slightly pop vibe. Their songs are catchy, yet well crafted, and the hooks are melodically strong, yet light on the ears. The two brothers share the lead vocal role throughout the six-song album, with each one singing three of the tracks.

While “Imagination” is officially being released on August 10th, the single, “Good Enough For Me” is available to stream on Soundcloud. I can understand why this was their album opener, as it’s smooth and fun, while still remaining low key. Matt’s vocals are wonderfully light, as he sings lines like, “keep your head high, everything will be fine,” and “I’m riding with my eyes on the distance, never going to bind my existence.” From the first listen, you will be jamming along to this upbeat tune, enjoying its hopeful positivity as well as its solid groove. After this song, I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

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“Tell You I’m Fine” features Andrew on lead vocals. He offers a bit more vibrato, but the alternation of their voices proves to be a refreshing aspect of their dynamic. This track is much more acoustically based, and gives off a slightly Jason Mraz-esque vibe, considering the rhythmic style of the vocal delivery as well as the funky style played by the guitar. “Chemicals” brings it back to Matt, showing a different side of his vocals. The chorus verges on pop style with its repetition, but the song remains consistent within the bluesy side of the album. I appreciate the simple, yet compelling electric guitar solos, and the way that these guys keep proving that any of these songs could have been the album’s single.

“Make My Heart Move” is a cute song, whose hook is quite memorable. There is a somewhat down-home vibe to this track, which adds another element to The Como Brothers Band’s sound. Matt’s vocals shine on this track, as he sings the lyrics of the chorus, “Baby, I could never leave you this way, hoping I will see you, and I know I ain’t getting over you because you make my heart move.” The delivery is endearing and optimistic. Before long, the title track, “Imagination” comes in with a much slower and more dramatic pace, but it only furthers the bluesy feel of the album. The guitar is reminiscent of John Mayer’s album Continuum, which happens to be one of my favorite albums, so that’s a serious plus for The Como Brothers Band. As the album’s ballad, it’s lyrically beautiful and honest, allowing Andrew to deliver his best and most potent vocal performance of the album. The song is intriguing and powerful, with my favorite line being, “please don’t wake me up when I dream of you.”

The album caps off with a cover; a live bonus track of “Bold As Love,” as played by Jimi Hendrix. Andrew’s vocals prove to be just as strong live as they are on the record. The cover is exciting and really shows off their naturally old school musical urges. It’s fun to hear this little bonus piece, as they add their Como Brothers touch to a blues classic. Unfortunately, that is the last track on the short album, but that only left me wanting more music; more warm summer jams to relax and party to. As a whole, the album is very well done and demonstrative of their song writing abilities. Their means of bringing us some cool modern day blues was fantastic and admirable. I appreciate any way that musicians can make music consumable to any demographic, and not because of a particular goal to sell more albums, but more so because they come from a musical background that has influenced them deeply, causing them to add their own twist to their music. The Como Brothers Band has accomplished that task in the production of their album. “Imagination” is available for pre-order, and I’d recommend getting on that now, so by August 10th, you’re ready to rock out!


Article: Alex Feigin


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