Raucous reverb ricocheted off paint-splattered walls when All Dogs invaded Bushwick artist commune Silent Barn. The Columbus-based punk-meets-pop four-piece played an hour-long set to promote the release of their ten-track debut LP Kicking Every Day, which will drop on August 28th with Salinas Records.

Reminiscent of 90s-era garageband grunge, All Dogs’ style is loud and unapologetic. “If you’re wanting something else, then I hope you find it,” screeches Maryn Jones over the blaring of Nick Harris’ guitar on “That Kind of Girl,” the angsty track that seems to be garnering the most attention for the band. “I don’t wanna be the weight upon your shoulders when you wake. I don’t wanna drag you under kicking every day.”


Casual and unpretentious in appearance, All Dogs create a grating sound that stands in harsh contrast to their everyday demeanor. It’s this confounding contraction that gives the band enigmatic appeal.



Article: Heather McAdams


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