The Ultimate Fantasy Gift For The Whiskey Enthusiast

As you may know, the Orphan Barreling Distilling Co. finds long-forgotten whiskeys from the darkest corners of rickhouses and distilleries to share legendary liquids with whiskey aficionados.

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Orphan Barrel Project

Thanks to luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, legend comes to life as the Orphan Barrel Project is featured in the 2015 Fantasy Gift Collection for the most discerning whiskey enthusiast. A two-part gift, it consists of a bespoke whiskey cabinet stocked with the entire Orphan Barrel collection to-date, as well as a VIP trip to the Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, Ky. to taste recently-discovered bourbons and participate in the hands-on guided creation of two completely unique Orphan Barrel bourbon variants. Hand-bottled with custom labels and signed by the purchaser, they will never be bottled again, for anyone else.

Retailing at a cool $125,000, this fantasy gift is the ultimate collector’s item linked to one of the true cathedrals of bourbon, the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. A must-visit destination on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour, not only will the purchaser and five guests have a chance to visit, the bespoke whiskey cabinet is made from reclaimed American oak pulled from rickhouses at the distillery.

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Orphan Barrel Project

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Orphan Barrel Project

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