Ah, the perfect nostalgic stoner pop love song. We dive into the premiere of Oklahoma City’s “Sprawl,” a beautiful kaleidoscopic live performance in a cold, empty pool (not to mention Samantha Crain’s coat is really, really cool). Having just released their album, Waist Deep with Walk-In Records, Tallows’ “Sprawl” is a perfect winter song – it’s warm, forgiving, and dreamy – great for whiskey hibernation. Josh Hogsett, lead singer and guitarist’s  lullaby vocals paired with Crain’s more raspy and sultry resonance provide a perfect swirl of empty pool sadness that any wintery lover can wrap their ears around comfortably.

Sprawl may be about vulnerability. But what I really drew from this song was that it was touching on that part of self-conservation that we struggle with in a romantic situation. How much can we really commit to that person? How much of our self worth can we keep to ourselves, and how long does it take for our memories to travel into a vortex of nothingless, after parting with an individual?

So you can’t keep writing on the walls / everyone can read all your thoughts. And so, the Pancakes team suggest – can we all take some advice from Tallows and apply these insightful lyrics to our generational social media whoredom? With production to similarities to Death Cab and Animal Collective, Tallows succeeds as a standout pop rock mid-west emerging band that shows much promise.


Article: Hillary Barleaux


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