When we have the opportunity to share such a full album with you, we do so with a smile. The Bergamot brings us a lush alternative-folk album called Tones and at 12 tracks long, is a full musical journey from the local husband and wife duo. Read the track by track explanation to each song below to get a better understanding of what the song’s are about.


1. “Forget About Tomorrow”

Forget About Tomorrow offers a release in a world where fear about the future is prevalent. It re-focuses the listener towards embracing the power of now while in pursuit of your highest self. Forget About Tomorrow is about living in the present moment.

2. “Tones”

Tones is about the disconnect our generation faces with technology becoming so ubiquitous and prevalent in our daily lives. Tones attempts to challenge the current way of living, with a calling to reach out to each other as opposed to disconnecting ourselves from reality.

3. “Burst Out”

Burst Out takes a look at the life lived on the road. Its orchestral arrangement sends the listener through many tumultuous moments, yet resolves to an optimistic conclusion.

4. “The Bends”

Tough decisions made by a young lady early in life leads to much greater resentment and anger later; manifesting through detachment of relationships and outward anger. Summed up “Feelings fade, but they never grow old.”

5. “Alive”

Sometimes the greatest way to feel alive is to just go forth into life blindly with the hope of learning and growing. Alive really sets an optimistic tone to a life lived – not allowed to pass by.

6. “Fade Away”

Sometimes life passes by like the clouds in the sky leaving no trace of what the past presented but still presenting an optimistic future. The mundaneness of Fade Away’s verses lead to an epic chorus – where the clouds split and the sun cuts through.

7. “School Notes”

School Notes is a biography of sorts. This song documents some of the first memories that Jillian and I have of falling in love at a very young age.

8. “Remedy”

Love is the most powerful drug on the planet. Remedy talks about facing the tough challenges of falling in and out of love with a deviant lover and the effects it can have one the other.

9. “Miles”

An ode to our life now lived on the road. “Lord only knows what we’ll be talking about when we are a 1000 miles from home”. The wheels keep spinning and we keep growing – but we just keep going.

10. “Next To You”

Next to you is a fun song about longing for the big city in a snowstorm, and how many challenges are presented along the way. A great song to lift your mood a couple of notches.

11. “Money Honey”

A girl and her money – seems like an age-old tale. This song takes a unique approach to the battle between the creative and the wealthy. It seems to be at a pinnacle these days.

12. “Feels The Same”

Whether you win or lose – rich or poor – sometimes it just feels the same. There is no use in waiting when it is all in your head anyways. Live life and let go – it truly feels the same.





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