Tired of being fed bullshit? Listen and watch “Appetite” by Sophie & The Bom Boms for a truly indulgent break-up song. Cutesy claps, chanting vocals, and lots of cake. This is an awesome pop-licious music video. I’m already singing along after the first listen. The bridge is a great intermission from the sing-a-long vibes; with a warming synth and no driving beat, it’s the perfect canvas for the lyrics: “Champagne. Snacks. That don’t keep me warm at night. What I need is steak and rice. Ooo to keep me satisfied.”

The guy eating cake is Eric Dadourian, a comedian based out of LA with his own project based in his house called, Babe Island. Sophie has been using her pop writing craft with artists such as Britney Spears and Ke$ha, but now it’s her time to shine as the artist and the talent. And what better way than in this unique, geek pop sound? Produced by David Elevator (known for work with Beck) and Dan Dare (known for work with Marina and the Diamonds, Charli XCX, and M.I.A). I certainly hear some of those influences and look forward to the next release!

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Article: Tiffany Wilson


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