When we fuck up in life, there’s always that thought of going back somehow and fixing the mistake and in the newest video from Lilly Wolf, we do exactly that. Using slo-mo reverse filming techniques and NYC as the backdrop, we travel back in time for “Terrible Mistake.”  While the video is visually stunning, it’s the music that holds our rapt attention with an easy flowing dance groove and unmistakable lyrics. The new single is off their Deleted Scenes LP, that was released last fall and keeps spitting out groovy singles, which we are ever-grateful for.


“Making the video started with finding our awesome director, Luke Choi. He did the video for “Blue Hawaii” by ASTR, and the colors and vibe for that video are perfectly matched to the song. We reached out to him and he was psyched about working with us, so we started kicking ideas back and forth. We decided to basically reenact the inspiration for the song, shooting in the same locations we went to during that crazy New Years. A lot of the footage is slow-motion reversed, as if we could undo the mistakes we’re depicting in the video.” – Lilly Wolf


Be sure to catch Lilly Wolf’s next gig at The Knitting Factory on April 4th, get your tickets here.



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