Mondays are great for new music because it helps distract us from the doldrums of returning to work while its magnificent outside. Today, we are happy to premiere Clea’s newest video called “Dire Consequences.” With it’s airy vocals, jangly guitars and head-bopping back rhythm, Clea shows us why she’s rapidly becoming a household name across the globe. We’ll be keeping close tabs on Clea and eagerly await some NYC dates, until then, we’ll keep watching this visceral video.

“My love for song writing is profound, for me it is by far the most captivating and prominent form of personal artistic expression. My lyrics are both observational and a reflection of those observations. I compose melodies that not only match the tone and emotion of the stories within my songs, but which I feel are diverse in range and beat, and which reflect the complexity and impetuousness of my own responses” – Clea


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