Hey all you city folk – The Devyl Nellys have a message for you – lighten up and dance!! Taking cues from the many rural audiences the band has played for, the band wrote this groovy song to help us poor bastards forget our rat-race lifestyle and lose our inhibitions for a bit.

The funky new tune featuring the one and only KC & The Sunshine Band is off their upcoming LP called Delicious Business, which is slated for a July release and the way this first single hit our hips, we couldn’t be more excited to hear the rest.

“In the last two years, we’ve played city areas and country areas. The country area audiences have a great time, all the time. They let it loose and surrender all their inhibitions. So we wrote Rodeo Qween for all the stressed out city folk to take a hint from the country folk … Let it out, Let it loose, Unwind and Dance. If you check the lyrics, we’re actually coaching people to dance and focus on getting down, getting it going … Throwing your stress and inhibitions out the window for the weekend at least.” – The Devyl Nellys


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