The video for “Dreamer,” by Baby Yaga, starts out with beautiful scenes of nature and gives the viewer sense of peace and innocence. An innocent bee appears, letting us think everything is alright in the world, a kitten furthers that belief while the frantic piano notes chime in. Then shit gets weird, like; “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again,” weird.

Not unlike a great horror movie, this video has all the creepiness that one can cram into it, but with a better soundtrack. Despite the shock-factor and wonderful cinematography, Baby Yaga’s first single stands on its own with spacey synths and a killer backbeat highlighted by ethereal vocals. If this is the first glimpse we see of the Swedish born artist, we believe that her ceiling is as high as it gets and look forward to hearing more incredible tunes like this.


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Article: Shayne Hanley




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