“Everything Costs” by Radical Face is about an internal emotional struggle between someone and something else – the something else either being a person or the struggler’s inner thoughts. The video that Radical Face created for this song parallels the video they put out for their song, “The Road to Nowhere,” so be sure to watch that video prior to watching this one. Both take place in what seems like the Victorian era, in a world where the setting is very different from today but emotional turmoil that ensues is very similar.

The video for “Everything Costs,” opens in what is seemingly a tea party, social, showing a little girl with a disabled leg getting picked on by the adults at the party. The little girl seems to have a nasty, almost emotionally abusive, mother, which causes the girl to keep to herself most of the time, along with her pet mouse.

She gets cryptic messages from the demonic boy from the previous video telling her where to meet him. It’s uncertain if the boy is real or if he is a depiction of the girl’s anguish but he sure does frighten the horrible mother. It has kind of a Secret Garden feel to it with the boy and the girl secretly meeting up avoiding their families and one of them is disabled/ill.

I hope that the rest of the music videos that Radical Face creates for their album, The Family Tree: The Leaves, have a story line to it because I am very curious to know what happens next.


Article: Merissa Blitz




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