The second single from Blackout Balter called “Goodbye Cambridge” is a bouncy tune with a solid-backbeat that we are excited to premiere today. Featuring Dave Keuning of The Killers who drops in with some cello, the song goes well with their debut release last month and makes for an exciting preview of their upcoming EP called Twist And Bend, which you can pre-order HERE. Starting with a sharp synth beat and rhythmic guitars, the dreamy vocals draw us in and as soon as we’re comfortable, the tempo changes abruptly; hinting at strife and change, but in the best way possible. Goodbye Cambridge is the perfect song for the beginning of the summer and we really look forward to the EP.

“I was finishing up school at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts when I wrote ‘Goodbye Cambridge.’  So much happened while I was there: I transitioned out of the military, met the majority of the folks who would later make up Blackout Balter, and met Dave Keuning.  Dave wanted to play cello on the song; and after he arrived at the studio with a cello that said ‘Old German Cello’ on the case, I found out why.  Before he and Brandon started The Killers, Dave took a summer class at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and his primary focus was the cello.  I was honored that he wanted to break out his cello for this song.  Though ‘Goodbye Cambridge’ has an upbeat melody, it’s one of the more personal songs on the album and reflects on a moment I experienced, before I lived in Cambridge, that probably changed my life forever.”  – Phil Cohen

Blackout Balter - Twist And Bend

Blackout Balter – Twist And Bend


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