The second single called “The Magic,” off Shannon Söderlund’s upcoming EP by the same name, is instantly catchy with its jazzy beats and off-kilter lyrical delivery. Chronicling a relationship and its demise and then putting it into song form is never an easy feat, but Shannon Söderlund does it effortlessly in less than four minutes in this quirky breakup song.

Highlighted by a ridiculously catchy chorus, jangly guitars and intermitent time changes, this is the perfect song to get over your ex and start the summer fresh with a new outlook on life. While the heartbreak of loving and losing someone is usually never a good thing, Söderlund takes a worldly and mature approach to it all, and we can all learn a lesson from these lyrics “Oh, the magic just left one day – It sensed the mood and it got a little afraid – Decided to pack it’s bags – And find a friendlier place to stay.”

On its face, The Magic is a breakup song – but to me, it’s more a coming-of-age story. It’s the wisdom and experience that comes with getting older; living through and getting to the other side of heartbreak, learning to read people and their intentions, identifying facades and dissecting the fairy tales we tell ourselves. The honesty you encounter in yourself when you learn things the hard way is empowering, but is also importantly a quiet part of growing up. I tried to tease some of that out in this song. – Shannon Söderlund


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The Magic EP

The Magic EP


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