We are happy to premiere this funky video from Lesley Barth today named “Just Like Summer.” With a throwback disco-like groove and airy vocals, this is a happy tune that gets us in the mood to dance…and maybe drink some whiskey.

The video was mostly filmed in Central Park and most of whom you see in the video, are complete strangers that just happened to be in the park that day, which adds a super fun and real-world element. The free-spirited nature of “Just Like Summer” is adorable and just like the song – it is a bouncy, colorful and fun ride. About half of her new album, named Green Hearts which will be out later this year, was crowdfunded and some of those who donated, actually helped with the last chorus.

“In terms of the story behind the song, I had a little melody of “I love you just like summer” that popped into my head a few months ago.  This idea of wanting someone as badly as you want summer felt like a strong lyrical idea to explore, and the chorus fell quickly into place, with verses following afterwards.  This is definitely the grooviest tune I’ve made so far, and it was unbelievably fun to record.” – Lesley Barth


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