Beachy sounds, synths, and snare consume Toy Cities’ new track, “Basement.” The vocals are reminiscent of Morrissey with a nod to fatality in the lyrics describing the “aching in my head” and being “better off dead.” Definitely not typical for an upbeat tune with a whipping bass line and pulsing drum beat, but who wants typical these days anyway? The chorus shifts from the busy melodic verses to refreshing long held-out notes singing, “In the basement, I know we won’t grow.” The song paints an optimistic picture in a realistic kind of way for me; the message being not to hide, though it can really suck.

Toy Cities is a trio based out of Brooklyn and will be releasing their EP, Ocean Bloom, on July 19th and will be playing an EP release show at Berlin the night before. Until then, hit repeat on this track and take a cruise on the nearest coastal highway with the top down*.

*If that’s not an option, listening while blasting the AC in your tiny Brooklyn apartment is also fine.


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Article: Tiffany Wilson


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